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The Committee considered planning applications received up until 20 January 2023.


The Committee discussed application reference CB/22/04840  (LAND AT SHENLEY HILL COUNTRY PARK) in respect of installation of an ambient ground source heat pump (GSHP) network


As a principle the town council supports the decarbonisation agenda and the positive impact such a proposal would have on reducing greenhouse gases. Should permission be granted, it is likely that the engineering operation required in sinking boreholes will cause noise and general disturbance to residential properties thereabouts. Accordingly, a condition should be attached to control the hours of operation in order to minimise the potential impact on residents.


The town council has concerns regarding future management and maintenance of the ground source heat pump system and associated pipework and infrastructure. For these purposes, it is understood that vehicular access would be taken from residential streets which in itself has the propensity of causing nuisance given the possible size of vehicles that may be required to carry out these works. It is likely that any necessary maintenance and repair works will cause damage to the park. Should permission be granted, a legal agreement should be in place that requires making good works to be undertaken by the system operator to a standard agreed by the principal authority or its appointed nominee.


The Committee reviewed application reference CB/23/00125 (303 BIDEFORD GREEN, LINSLADE) in respect of a Garage Conversion with rear extension works.


RESOLVED to recommend to Central Bedfordshire Council that no objection be made to application reference CB/23/00125, subject to the highways authority being satisfied that the application is capable of meeting its parking standards.


The Committee discussed application reference CB/22/04527/RM  (CHAMBERLAINS BARN QUARRY) in respect of approval of a new play area.


Whilst the Town Council welcomed the provision of additional play facilities in the parish, it would make the following comments in respect of this application: 


The proposed play area is located in a highly inaccessible and inappropriate location. It is physically divorced from the country park and situated hard up against the common boundary shared with established residential properties. In case of an emergency, it is unlikely that a rescue vehicle could attend site as there is no vehicular access or parking at the site. The site is considered too small for an adventure playground and is located within very close proximity (a few minutes’ walk) to a long-established play area at Adams Bottom, Heath Road which is owned and managed by the town council. What added play value a site this close to an existing play facility will provide is one for the principal authority to agree and accept.


The following officer observations are included for your careful consideration:



1)    The design proposal does not consider disabled users with no inclusive equipment in the proposed play space. The How We work statement on page three of the design proposal, "We Create a place for everyone", is not represented in this proposal. Please provide a revised proposal, including inclusive equipment.

2)    The Supporting design proposal EW_CHAMERLAINS BARN_ADVENTURE PLAY_14022020 22.11.22.pdf does not match the EW Chamberlains Barn_Planning Drawings 03.01.23.pdf. Please confirm which is correct.

3)    Please provide detailed surfacing specifications, especially on how the tigermulch and grassmat safer surfaces will be joined together under the Cantilever Swing.

4)    There are no proposed paths to access the site. Please provide plans for access, including inclusive access around the proposed play space. All paths should be upgraded to be 1.2m wide with 1.8m wide passing places at junctions and regular intervals to allow for two-way traffic.

5)    To be considered for potential adoption by LLTC, we will require the play company to be directly registered with API. Please confirm that this is the case.

6)    To be considered for potential adoption by LLTC, we will require a Post Installation Inspection to be provided. Please confirm that a Post Installation Inspection will be made available.

7)    The proposed adventure play area doesn't appear to be fenced with play area fencing or have play safety gates included. Please provide details of the proposed site boundary fence.

8)    Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) appear near the proposed play space. Please provide details of the distance. Play area fencing will be required if the distance is less than 30m.

9)    There are no details on the number, size or species of the shade trees mentioned. Please provide information and the specifications on the number, size and proposed species of trees.

10) There are no details on the number, size or species of the robust native planting mentioned. Please provide information and the specifications on the number, size and proposed robust native planting.

11) The proposed picnic benches do not appear to be inclusive and do not have accessible access. Please provide inclusive picnic benches for wheelchair users.


The Committee discussed application reference CB/22/04457/REG3 (site off Eastern link road, Clipstone Park) in respect of the erection of a new leisure centre incorporating minor landscaping and parking provisions.


Whilst the town council welcomed the provision of additional leisure facilities to benefit residents of Leighton-Linslade parish, it would submit the following comments:


The planning application refers to the new leisure centre being a replacement to the existing leisure centre located at Tiddenfoot. This is not the understanding of the town council which believes that a certain number of activities are to remain open and available to community uses at Tiddentfoot.


The proposed new leisure facility is to be accessed off a spur road to also service a secondary school as well as playing fields. At peak times, it is considered that the spur road will not be capable of entertaining the level of traffic associated with said uses. Moreover, no detail has been provided of the junction arrangement with the eastern spine road which is of concern.


The carparking configuration is of concern given the juxtaposition of car parking spaces on and close to a bend. Cars manoeuvring into and out of spaces here would represent a possible highway danger to cars exiting or entering the car park. The number of car parking spaces is not considered sufficient to meet anticipated demand given the facility would be used by the parish and the wider community.


With the leisure facility to serve schools also, it is expected that young people would arrive by coach and not mini bus. Clarification is sought as to where the coach stop/halt will be located and whether there is sufficient room to manoeuvre a 52 seater coach.


The transport assessment states that the facility would be served by a regular bus service between here and the station with up to 12 services per hour. Given the level of activity and the anticipated bus usage, clarification is sought as to where the bus halt/stop will be located.


Clarification is sought that there will be segregation between pedestrians and cyclists by way of dedicated footpaths/cycleways.


It is assumed that the changing rooms will also be used to service users of the outdoor playing fields. If this is the case, what mitigation will be in place to avoid mud from outdoor activities being trampled through the facility and into the communal changing room areas?


Concern was raised regarding spectator capacity for viewing the swimming pools. Can assurance be provided that the issues raised by parents and swimming clubs concerning capacity have been adequately met?  


RESOLVED to recommend to Central Bedfordshire Council that no objection be made to the following applications: 


  1. CB/22/04726                        120 HOCKLIFFE ROAD
  2. CB/22/04629/                       THE COACH HOUSE, SOUTHCOTT


  1. CB/23/00038                        1 HIMLEY GREEN
  2. CB/23/00115                        15 LEVEN CLOSE, LINSLADE




1.         CB/23/00101/VOC               21 THE PADDOCKS




1.           CB/TRE/22/00667                SQUIRRELS LEAP, TAYLORS RIDE

2.           CB/TRE/23/00003                15 THE MARTINS DRIVE



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