Agenda item


(i)                       To receive and note the minutes of Committee meetings held between 28 June – 30 September 2022 as specified below (attached) and to receive any delegated decisions made on behalf of committees in the same period.


(ii)                     To consider therecommendations contained in committee minutes which have not already been resolved, as specified below.


(iii)                    To receive any relevant verbal updates from officers or Committee Chairs and any councillor comments or questions relating to the below minutes (Standing Order 5(l)(x) allows 15 minutes in total and 2 minutes per question/comment).



a)    Planning & Transport Committee            20 July 2022

b)    Policy & Finance Committee                    25 July 2022

c)    Planning & Transport Committee            10 August 2022

d)    Grounds & Environmental Committee     5 September 2022

Recommendations at 200/GE and 203/GE

e)    Policy & Finance Committee                     26 September 2022 (to follow)   


Delegated decisions


f)     Cultural & Economic Committee   12 September 2022

g)    Planning & Transport Committee  21 September 2022



Council received and noted the minutes of the Committee meetings held between 28 June – 30 September 2022 and gave consideration to the recommendations contained therein.


RESOLVED to receive and note the minutes of the following meetings:


-       Planning and Transport Committee 20 July 2022

-       Policy & Finance Committee 25 July 2022

-       Planning and Transport Committee 10 August 2022

-       Grounds and Environmental Committee 5 September 2022

-       Policy and Finance Committee 26 September 2022


and the delegated decisions made on behalf of the Cultural & Economic Committee and Planning & Transport Committee in September 2022.


Council considered any recommendations made by committees.


RESOLVED to endorse the Learning & Development Policy and Procedure and the Councillor Learning & Development Policy.


RESOLVED to consider taking civil action against perpetrators who damage Town Council assets, where this course of action was supported by legal advice.


RESOLVED to endorse funding of the following five projects from the capital receipts obtained from sale of land at Vandyke Road:


(i) Installation of adult outdoor gym £45,000.

ii) Improvement to Vandyke Road Playing Field play area £25,000.

iii) Creation of a newly constructed footpath £20,000.

iv) Creation of a new compound within Vandyke Road Cemetery £30,000.

v) Contribution to creating a new community woodland circa



Councillor Bowater left the meeting at 20:55 hours.


The Town Clerk gave a number of updates arising from committee minutes and questions were asked regarding land ownership on the land south of the High Street, the removal of foliage by the canal bridge by the Canal and Rover Trust to improve visibility and the need to meet with Buzzcycles in respect of the emerging draft Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan for Leighton-Linslade.




Supporting documents: