Agenda item


(i)            To receive and note the Minutes of Committee meetings held between 1 February – 11 April 2022 as specified below (attached).

(ii)          To consider therecommendations contained in committee minutes which have not already been resolved, as specified below.

(iii)         To receive any relevant verbal updates from officers or Committee Chairs and any councillor comments or questions relating to the below minutes.


a)     Partnership Committee            10 February 2022

b)     Planning & Transport Committee       16 February 2022

c)     Policy & Finance Committee   28 February 2022


Recommendation at 316/PF (Press and Media Protocol – attached)

Recommendations at 318/PF (Leader Protocol and Councillor/Officer Protocol)

Recommendation at 323/PF (Investment strategy)


d)     Grounds & Environmental Committee          7 March 2022

e)     Planning & Transport Committee       9 March 2022

f)      Cultural & Economic Committee        14 March 2022

Recommendations regarding budgets at 126/CE, 129/CE and 130/CE


g)        Planning & Transport Committee     30 March 2022

h)        Policy & Finance Committee 11 April 2022

Recommendation at 333/PF (agenda item 9)

Recommendation at 338/PF (Health and Safety policy – attached)

Recommendation at 340/PF (Earmarked reserves – original report attached)

Recommendation at 341/PF (agenda item 11)



(i)            Council received the draft and approved minutes of the Committee meetings held between 1 February and 11 April 2022.


RESOLVED to receive the minutes of the following meetings:


(a)  Partnership Committee 10 February 2022

(b)  Planning & Transport Committee 16 February 2022

(c)  Policy & Finance Committee 28 February 2022

(d)  Grounds & Environmental Committee 7 March 2022

(e)  Planning & Transport Committee 9 March 2022

(f)   Cultural & Economic Committee 14 March 2022

(g)  Planning & Transport Committee 30 March 2022

(h)  Policy & Finance Committee 11 April 2022



(ii)          Council gave consideration to the recommendations contained in committee minutes which had not already been dealt with as specified below.


RESOLVED to approve the updated Press and Media Protocol.




(a)  To approve a proposed minor amendment to section 1.5 of the Protocol for Leader of the Council

(b)  To approve the revised Councillor/Officer Protocol.


RESOLVED to re-adopt the Town Council’s Investment Strategy.


RESOLVED to endorse that remaining unused funds from budget lines 104/4014 (projects) and 104/4300 (equipment) be carried forward into earmarked reserve 970/9020 – TACTIC.


RESOLVED to carry forward unspent funds Buzzard Trails (101/4509), into earmarked reserves 970//9018 and to create a single earmarked reserves budget line for Buzzard Trails to ensure adequate funds are available for the upkeep of the trail assets and to carry forward any unspent funds from Christmas Lights (101/4412) into earmarked reserves 970/9044 to ensure adequate funds are available for infrastructure and ongoing delivery of the scheme.


RESOLVED to carry forward into unspent funds from Community Access Defibrillator (101/4554) into earmarked reserves 970/9022.


RESOLVED to endorse the Health and Safety Policy following its annual review.


RESOLVED to approve that changes be made to appropriate documents including the Terms of Reference for standing committees and the Scheme of Delegation, to reflect authority to approve expenditure from earmarked reserves appropriate to that committee’s responsibilities, for activities and projects for which there was specific Council/committee resolution, subject to any legal restrictions.


(iii)         Councillor questions or comments on committee minutes were invited.

Policy & Finance Committee meeting of 11 April 2022, minute reference 333/PF (Minutes of Health Services Task and Finish Group meeting held 4 March 2022): three councillors spoke in respect of health services.


Councillor Snelling advised he had asked a question on the health hub at Central Bedfordshire’s Council meeting last week and was likely to put forward a Motion to its next meeting in respect of S106 developer contributions for healthcare. It was understood that the next update to the Central Bedfordshire Health and Wellbeing Board would be in July.


Councillor Owen advised that he had new information in respect of local GP practice capacity and S106 developer contributions for healthcare and would likely submit a Motion to the next Council meeting unless a rapid meeting of the Health Services Task and Finish Group could be convened in the meantime.


Councillor Harvey spoke of the current crisis relating to loneliness and mental health and the need for a centrally located health hub, for which she was lobbying at Central Bedfordshire Council.


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