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To consider Planning Applications received (attached). An updated list will be issued on Friday 25 March 2022 (if applicable).



The Committee reviewed applications received up until Friday 25 March 2022.


The Committee considered application reference CB/22/00622 (land at Old Linslade Manor). Although it was felt to be an improvement over the previous application, many concerns remained, the primary one being the impact on the Green Belt and Ouzel Valley landscape.


Councillor Owen as a churchwarden at St. Mary’s Church, Linslade spoken to raise concerns regarding access and archaeological society investigations at the site.


RESOLVED to recommend to Central Bedfordshire Council that objection be made to application reference CB/22/00622 (land at Old Linslade Manor) on the following grounds:


i)          The applicant has failed to demonstrate very special circumstances sufficient to override established Green Belt policy.

ii)        The proposal would adversely impact the rural landscape of the Ouzel Valley.

iii)       The Town Council maintains its highway concerns on the grounds that the narrow restrictive vehicular access would in its opinion compromise the ability for emergency and service vehicles to access the site safely to the potential detriment of other highway users and thereafter, for vehicles to access the site by virtue of the narrow carriageway width.  

iv)       Proposed arrangements for waste collection refer to access rights which are not established.

v)        Concern regarding the use and potential future enclosure of the proposed sun canopies which represent a significant addition to the footprint of the proposal.


Should Central Bedfordshire Council be minded to approve the application, the Town Council would seek assurance that a legal right of access exists and that a condition be attached that would restrict any future incremental increase in habitable floorspace through the potential enclosure of the sun canopy structures which form part of the planning application. 


RESOLVED to recommend to Central Bedfordshire Council that no objection be made to application reference CB/22/00924 (4 Shepherds Mead), subject to Highways being satisfied with safety and car parking proposals.


The Committee reviewed application reference CB/22/00457 (46 High Street) and agreed that previous objections had only been partially addressed in the revised application.


RESOLVED to recommend to CentralBedfordshire Council objection to application CB/22/00457 (46 THE HIGH STREET) on the following grounds:

-                  No car parking and insufficient cycle parking – reference to “discouraging” vehicular access to the site was unclear

-                Lack of amenity space for residents

-                  Concern regarding the reference to not meeting internal space standards

-                Concern regarding proposed arrangements for waste collection

-                Concern regarding noise and odour from pre-existing neighbouring business premises and that businesses not be adversely affected by complaints from incoming residents.

-                The partial demolition of a grade 2 listed building

-                Overall concern that this was an inappropriate development proposal for the site.


Should Central Bedfordshire Council be minded to approve the application, the town council would seek a condition that the granting of this permission would not prejudice any future regeneration/development to be proposed on the land known as land south of the High Street.


The Committee discussed application reference CB/22/00692 (Corner House, Sandy Lane) and agreed that the comments submitted previously remained relevant.  It was agreed that the Committee was appalled and disappointed by the applicant’s lack of compliance with many of the conditions conferred on the original planning consent.


RESOLVED to advise Central Bedfordshire Council that the Committee felt unable to comment on application reference CB/22/00692 (Corner House, Sandy Lane) due to not being qualified to ascertain which of the original conditions remained pertinent, but to express a view that the Committee was unhappy with retrospective applications generally and that Central Bedfordshire Council should be fully satisfied that any conditions which were still relevant had been fully met.


RESOLVED to recommend to Central Bedfordshire Council that no objection be made to the following planning applications:


1.             CB/22/00542                                   7 DINGLE DELL

2.             CB/22/00791                                   63 COTEFIELD DRIVE

3.             CB/22/00058                                   57 PALMER CRESCENT

4.        CB/22/00814                                    36 MERCURY WAY

5.        CB/21/05678                                    12 HIGH STREET

6.        CB/22/00881 & CB/22/01022/LB THE GREAT OAK BARN,


7.       CB/22/00886                                     5 ORCA MEWS          

8.       CB/22/00967                                     23 PENNIVALE CLOSE

9.       CB/22/01037                                     57 HARROW ROAD

10.     CB/22/01035                                     GREEENLEAS LOWER SCHOOL

11.     CB/22/01055                                     12 AURORA RISE






1.    CB/22/00748/MW                                 SPINNEY POOL, BILLINGTON




1.         CB/TRE/22/00152                             CIDER LODGE, PLANTATION RD

2.         CB/TRE/22/00067                             29 HEATH COURT

3.         CB/TRE/22/00150                           CAHERCONREE, PLANTATION RD


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