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To consider Planning Applications received (attached). An updated list will be issued on Friday 4 March 2022 (if applicable).



The Committee reviewed applications received up until Friday 4 March 2022.


RESOLVED to recommend to Central Bedfordshire Council that no objection be made to the following applications, subject to Highways being satisfied that the proposals would have no adverse impact on car parking in the local area:


(i)             CB/22/00441  4 Parkview Court, New Road, Linslade

(ii)           CB/21/05379  5 Badgers Brook

(iii)         CB/22/00656  2 Dove Tree Road


RESOLVED to recommend to Central Bedfordshire Council that objection be made to application reference CB/22/00248 (15 Wing Road) on the grounds that the proposed development would not meet car parking standards and would result in increased traffic movements in an already congested area and in close proximity to a pedestrian crossing.


RESOLVED to strongly object to and to recommend that Central Bedfordshire Council object to planning application reference CB/22/00219 (land north of Vandyke Road) on the following grounds:


-       That the Town Council had previously resolved that a green corridor should be maintained along the length of the Narrow Gauge Railway to protect the town’s main tourist attraction and also to protect residents from the impact of the line (loss of privacy, noise, soot and smoke).

-       That the proposal would have a detrimental impact on the existing amenity of the Narrow Gauge Railway line and potentially threaten its existence.

-       That the proposed development would be on land between the 100 – 105 metre contour lines and would therefore be visible, intrusive and would extend the settlement edge beyond the line originally intended.

-       That the proposal was contrary to the previously agreed requirement for a landscaped gateway into the Chamberlains Barn development from Vandyke Road.

-       That the proposal would extend the built development closer to Vandyke Road than on neighbouring parcels of land and would set an adverse precedent.

-       That the proposal was in addition to the 2011 consented application for the Chamberlains Barn site and was not included in the Central Bedfordshire Local Plan housing allocation.

-       That parking proposals for the development did not meet recommended Central Bedfordshire parking standards.


It was further noted that the incorrect naming of the plan as “Chamerlins Barn” indicated a lack of knowledge or care about the site as a whole.

The Committee reviewed application reference CB/21/05691/RM for phase 2, 195 dwellings on Chamberlains Barn Quarry. The Committee noted again that considering applications in isolation without the context of the wider development site plan was difficult.

RESOLVED to recommend to Central Bedfordshire Council that objection be made to planning application reference CB/21/05691/RM (Chamberlains Barn Quarry) on the following grounds: 


(i)             The plans indicated a high level of housing density without visible provision for amenity or informal space, despite the reference to “pocket parks” which were in any case not ideal due to possible noise/disturbance

(ii)           The plans lacked clarity on whether proposed tree planting would be on Highways maintained land or within the curtilage of privately owned properties (in which case, maintenance of those trees would be at the discretion of the property owner), or the species of trees proposed

(iii)         Clarification to be sought as to whether Highways was satisfied with the proposed parking plan and level of on-street car parking

(iv)         Clarification regarding safe access to walking and cycling routes within the development site and linking to the wider town

(v)           Clarification to be sought on the proposed link road to Shenley Hill Road and whether this would be one-way or two-way (per previous comments/queries submitted by committee)

(vi)         Lack of early, meaningful engagement with the Town Council on matters such as play area design which might eventually become its responsibility


RESOLVED to recommend to Central Bedfordshire Council that no objection be made to the following planning applications:


  1. CB/22/00377                     14 VERITAS GROVE

2.       CB/22/00428                     63 CORMORANT WAY

3.       CB/21/04796                     143 STANBRIDGE ROAD

4.       CB/22/00307                     1 WOODMAN CLOSE

5.       CB/22/00529                     21 ORCHARD DRIVE

6.       CB/22/00500                      13 LAMMAS WALK

7.       CB/22/00394                     37 COTEFIELD DRIVE

8.       CB/22/00415                     69 GEMINI CLOSE

9..      CB/22/00721                     34 GOLDEN RIDDY


RESOLVED to note the following works to trees:


1.       CB/TRE/22/00041             6 CHESTNUT HILL, LINSLADE

2.       CB/TRE/22/00046             28 THE HEATH

3.       CB/TRE/21/00588             8 MARKET SQUARE

4.       CB/TRE/22/00091             WOODSIDE, PLANTATION ROAD




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