Agenda item


(i)         To receive and note the Minutes of Committee meetings held between 1 October 2021 - 24 January 2022 as specified below (attached).

(ii)        To consider the recommendations contained in committee minutes which have not already been resolved, as specified below.

(iii)       To receive any relevant verbal updates from officers or Committee Chairs and any councillor comments or questions relating to the below minutes.


a)         Planning & Transport Committee       4 October 2021

b)         Planning & Transport Committee       27 October 2021

c)         Planning & Transport Committee       17 November 2021

d)         Policy & Finance Committee              22 November 2021

Recommendation at 298/PF (Flexible Working Policy – attached)

e)         Grounds & Environmental Committee  6 December 2021

f)          Planning & Transport Committee       8 December 2021      

g)         Cultural & Economic Committee        13 December 2021

(minutes of informal discussion; resolutions made by delegated decision with email approval from committee members due to rising Covid-19 cases)


(i)            Council received the minutes of the Committee meetings held since 1 October to 24 January 2022.


RESOLVED to receive the minutes of the following Committee meetings held between 1 October 2021 and 24 January 2022:


a)        Planning & Transport Committee                        4 October 2021

b)        Planning & Transport Committee                        27 October 2021

c)        Planning & Transport Committee                        17 November 2021

d)        Policy & Finance Committee                                 22 November 2021

e)        Grounds & Environmental Committee               6 December 2021

f)         Planning & Transport Committee                        8 December 2021  


RESOLVED to receive the notes of the informal Cultural & Economic Committee discussion held 13 December 2021.


(ii)          Council gave consideration to the recommendations contained within committee minutes which had not already been dealt with as specific agenda items.


Policy & Finance Committee 22 November 2021 – minute reference 298/PF


RESOLVED to adopt the Flexible Working Policy.


(iii)         Two minor amendments to committee minutes in respect of councillor attendance were suggested and would be looked into.

Supporting documents: