Agenda item


To consider Planning Applications received (attached). An updated list will be issued on Friday 30 July 2021 (if applicable).


The Committee reviewed applications received up to Thursday, 30 July.


RESOLVED to recommend to Central Bedfordshire Council that no objection be made to application reference CB/21/02888 (15 Wing Road) but the Town Council would express concerns regarding lack of car parking and potential overlooking of the neighbouring property on Wing Road.


RESOLVED to recommend to Central Bedfordshire Council that objection be made to application reference CB/21/03336 (18 Condor Drive) on the following grounds:

(i)         That whilst the plans indicated other uses, there was potential for the property to become a 5-bedroomed rather than 3-bedroomed property and the Town Council would therefore have concerns regarding lack of adequate car parking in an area with existing parking issues.

(ii)        Possible loss of privacy to the neighbouring property (no 20).


RESOLVED to recommend to Central Bedfordshire Council that no objection be made to the following applications:


1.         CB/21/02899                                    17 STEPPINGSTONE PLACE

2.         CB/21/03076                                    21 HEATH ROAD

3.         CB/21/03118                                    TELEPHONE EXCHANGE,

                                                                        DUNCOMBE DRIVE

4.         CB/21/03146                                     2 DOVE TREE ROAD

5.         CB/21/03150                                    38 WINDSOR AVENUE

6.        CB/21/03219                                    25 GEMINI CLOSE

7.        CB/21/02775                                    18 BROOMHILLS ROAD

8.        CB/21/03175                                    20 HOCKLIFFE ROAD

9.        CB/21/03236                                    61 WILLOW BANK WALK

10.      CB/21/03225                                    13 WING ROAD, LINSLADE

11.      CB/21/03228                                    37 GRANGE CLOSE, LINSLADE

12.      CB/21/03087                                    25 THE MARTINS DRIVE LINSLADE

13.      CB/21/03277                                    8 GREENHILL

14.      CB/21/03308                                    1 THE MALTINGS

15.      CB/21/02894                                    27 MARKET SQUARE




1.         CB/TRE/21/00357                          MORNINGSIDE 233 HEATH ROAD

2.         CB/TCA/21/00359                          51 GROVE ROAD

3.         CB/TRE/21/00369                          HOME FARM HOUSE,

                                                                 MENTMORE ROAD  

4.         CB/TRE/21/00304                          19 MARTINS DRIVE


The Committee discussed at length the reserved matters application for part of the Stearn Land site (CB/21/03159/RM). Whilst recognising that the application site was not within the parish of Leighton-Linslade, the Committee wished to submit comment on the application for consideration by the planning authority.


RESOLVED to recommend to Central Bedfordshire Council objection to planning application reference CB/21/03159/RM (LAND AT STEARN SPORTS PITCHES, CEMETERY AND ALLOTMENTS, CLIPSTONE LANE), on the following grounds:


a)         That the application was deemed “insufficient”, in particular by not including the sports changing rooms and facilities which would be fundamental to the use of the proposed pitches, or the access route to the car park/changing rooms. The community building to include changing rooms (whilst not part of this application) should be made completed and made available before the pitches become operational.

b)        That the requirement for a rugby pitch was questionable and that this would result in maintenance issues given that the grass would need to be of a different height than for the football pitches

c)         That some of the trees proposed to be included in the planting between the pitches and the allotment land would grow to be disproportionately tall and that given their location, they would significantly overshadow the allotment land

d)        That vehicular access to the cemetery site through a residential area was deemed inappropriate

e)         That shared car parking for the cemetery and allotment sites was considered inappropriate

f)          That the proposed location of the pitches and car parking would mean no natural supervision by residential properties and would likely result in antisocial behaviour

g)        That the proposed car parking for the pitches was considered inadequate for the number of pitches and would likely result in an impact on neighbouring residential streets

h)        That the proposed access route to the sports pitches car park was inappropriate, being long and narrow – this was considered to present security issues as well as difficulties with traffic flow to/from the car park


The Committee expressed concern about some of the detail in the S106 agreements such as Schedule 3 para 1.3, whereby only 10 working days would be allowed to raise any concerns about the condition of the sports pitches, as well as para 4.4 regarding the 3-month window for land transfer. The Town Council would strongly urge Central Bedfordshire Council to appoint a nominee for the pitches as soon as practicable and to ensure the nominee was involved in the site development and pitch inspections - and would also recommend doing the same for all assets associated with Schedule 3 (Sports Pitches and Informal Open Space), Schedule 4 (Green infrastructure maintenance contribution), Schedule 5 (allotments and cemetery facilities), Schedule 6 (neighbourhood centre).


Should Central Bedfordshire Council be minded to approve the application, the Town Council would ask for consideration of the proposed planting to ensure the allotment land was not adversely impacted by shadow cast by tall trees and that consideration be given to the access/security issues presented by the proposed access route to the pitches car park.


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