Agenda item


(a)       To note that all applicants have submitted an application form confirming their eligibility to stand as a town councillor for Grovebury ward.


(b)       To receive copies of the supporting statements submitted by applicants (attached).


(c)       By invitation, applicants will speak for 3-5 minutes per person in support of their application.


(d)       To co-opt to the vacancy in Grovebury ward in accordance with the Town Council’s Co-option Procedure (attached).


Please note:


-      Each Councillor has only one vote

-      Votes will be taken on candidates who are duly proposed and seconded

-      Appointment must be by an absolute majority, i.e. the appointed applicant must have a greater number of votes than the sum of the votes for other candidates. This may require more than one round of voting. The applicant with the lowest number of votes will be discounted in each round of voting until an absolute majority is achieved.



Council considered applications from 9 candidates for the position of Town Councillor in Grovebury ward and received copies of their supporting statements. It was noted that all candidates had submitted a co-option application form confirming their eligibility to stand as a town councillor.


The Town Mayor invited all nine candidates to address Council for 3-5 minutes each, in support of their application. Eight candidates spoke and one withdrew his application.


Following this, Council was reminded of the Co-Option Policy and that an absolute majority would need to be obtained in any vote for a successful co-option to be confirmed.


A query was raised regarding the political allegiance of applicants. There was no requirement in law or in the Council’s adopted Co-Option Policy to declare this.


Four applicants were proposed as follows: 


(a)          Robert Yates – proposed by Councillor D Bowater and seconded by Councillor R Berry.

(b)          Kevin Pughe – proposed by Councillor R Goodchild and seconded by Councillor S Owen.

(c)          Sam Russell – proposed by Councillor D Scott and seconded by Councillor J M Freeman.

(d)          Adam Fahn – proposed by Councillor V Harvey (no seconder required in accordance with Standing Order 1(u)).

A vote took place with the following results:


R Yates – 11 in favour

K Pughe – 4 in favour

S Russell – 3 in favour

A Fahn – 1 in favour


RESOLVED to co-opt Robert Yates to the vacancy in Grovebury Road, subject to his signing the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.


Councillor Kharawala thanked all the applicants for their interest in becoming a Town Councillor and for taking the time to prepare for and attend the meeting. It was hoped they would positively engage with the Council in the future.



Supporting documents: