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Living History Task and Finish Group - Wednesday, 24th March, 2021 9.30 am

Venue: This will be a remote meeting held via Microsoft Teams in accordance with The Local Authorities and Crime Panels (Coronavirus)(Flexibility of Meetings)(England and Wales) Regulations 2020

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A member of the public spoke in relation to continuing the “much needed conversation” in respect of diversity as well as climate change. It was suggested that local residents could be featured as part of Black History Month activities and that raising awareness should be a year round activity, not just restricted to October.


It was noted that discussions with the member of the public were ongoing, with ideas and proposals being developed for consideration at a future meeting of the Cultural and Economic Services Committee.


The member of the public was thanked for attending, especially given the technical issues experienced with the Microsoft Teams platform.





(a)  To receive and approve as a correct record the minutes of the Living History Task and Finish Group meeting held on 28 January 2021.


(b)  To receive information updates on matters arising from the previous meeting (if appropriate).




The Committee received the minutes of the Living History Task and Finish Group meeting held on 28 January 2021.


RESOLVED that the minutes of the Living History Task and Finish Group meeting held on 28 January 2021 be approved as a correct record, to be signed at a later date when safe to do so.




To receive and consider a discussion paper on future work proposals. (attached)




The Task and Finish Group had received a review report for consideration and discussion. A verbal presentation was given to explain the rationale for proposals in more detail. A change in delivery approach was proposed, from the focus on a single day to a more enduring legacy for the town, with the creation of a new trail each October.  Trails would be both online via the Buzzard Trails app and in print form via a leaflet and downloadable printable version. Trails might be themed and publicity might include characters from the trail being positioned around the town. 


It was agreed by group members that the proposed change in approach would be less dependant on the weather, more accessible to all and provide a more lasting historical legacy for the town and local schools. Officers were thanked for their work in developing proposals.


RESOLVED to note the report and endorse the proposed change in approach continuing to use the existing allocated event delivery budgets: delivery £10,700 (4516/101) and event salaries £600 (4532/101).


RECOMMENDED to the Cultural and Economic Services Committee to endorse the change in approach from Living History Day to the creation of an annual trail each October, with associated activities.


A proposal was made to consider how photographic displays could be made available to residents as there was significant local interest in this. Using vacant retail premises for pop-up displays was suggested. The Council was already in liaison with the Leighton Buzzard and District Historical and Archaeological Society and often sourced images from the group.  A couple of other local contacts were suggested as sources of local history photographs.


A concern was raised that the Leighton Buzzard and District Historical and Archaeological Society needed somewhere to display and sell their books. Work had already taken place to introduce the Society to the market  book stall trader. The Council had also offerred to help the Society liaise with local shops to this end.  Following this communication it was left with the Society to decide what they wished to do.


It was noted that budget proposals in the report gave approximate spend allocation and should additional funds be required to create pop up displays, a recommendation could be made to the parent committee for any additional expenditure from earmarked reserves for photographic display projects.


RECOMMENDED to the Cultural and Economic Services Committee to consider use of earmarked reserves budget for the provision of photographic displays.


It was noted that no further meetings of the Task and Finish Group were anticipated.