Agenda and minutes

Partnership Committee - Thursday, 6th September, 2018 7.30 pm

Venue: The Council Chamber, The White House, Hockliffe Street, Leighton Buzzard, Beds LU7 1HD

Contact: Committee Officer  01525 631920 & Email:

No. Item



Schedule 12 of the Local Government Act 1972 requires a record be kept of the Members present and that this record form part of the minutes of the meeting. Members who cannot attend a meeting should tender apologies to the Town Clerk.


Apologies for absence were received and accepted from the Town Clerk, Tricia Humber (LLCT/Community Forum), Councillor E Wallace (substituted by Councillor A Brandham) and Councillor F Kharawala (substituted by Councillor G Perham).



(i)    Under the Localism Act 2011 (sections 26-37 and Schedule 4) and in accordance with the Council’s Code of Conduct, Members are required to declare any interests which are not currently entered in the Member’s Register of Interests or if he/she has not notified the Monitoring Officer of it.


(ii)   Should any Member have a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest in an item on the agenda, the Member may not participate in consideration of that item unless a Dispensation has first been requested (in writing) and granted by the Council (see Dispensation Procedure).


Members were asked to declare any interests, including the nature of those interests, which they had in any of the items under consideration at this meeting. No declarations were made and no dispensations had been requested.


QUESTIONS FROM THE PUBLIC (3 minutes per person; maximum 15 minutes)

To receive questions and statements from members of the public in respect of any item of business included in the agenda, as provided for in Standing Order No.s 1(f) and 1(h).


Questions were raised regarding the police station but it was confirmed the decision had been delayed. The retailers within the town requested that any repairs to the canal bridge should not be carried out during the Christmas shopping period but the temporary repair seemed to be holding up at the present time so no change anticipated until the new financial year. 


Members were asked if Marks and Spencer would still be opening in the new Grovebury Road retail park and this was confirmed. Also a question was raised regarding the taxi rank parking within the town and the repairs undertaken by the Highways Department and whether checks would be carried out once the repairs had taken place. 



To receive and approve as a correct record the minutes of the Partnership Committee meeting held on 7 June 2018.


The Committee received the draft minutes of the Partnership Committee meeting held on 7 June 2018.


RESOLVED that the minutes of the Partnership Committee meeting held on 7 June 2018 be approved as a correct record and be signed accordingly.


NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training)

 By invitation, Ms A Perry of Central Bedfordshire Council will attend the meeting to provide information in respect of service support for NEET clients.


By invitation, Ms A Perry of Central Bedfordshire Council attended the meeting to provide information in respect of service support for NEET clients.


The Committee were informed that there had been no rise in NEETs within Leighton Buzzard.  Many forms of support were being offered to young people at risk of becoming NEET and during their period of being identified as NEET. CBC’s contracted services undertake this work. 


Central Bedfordshire Council would be seeking to undertake a new commissioning approach for services in the future with one contract being awarded for specialised targeted work. More locally sourced support would be provided to work to local needs. The aim is to take a more localised commissioning, or joint ‘SMART’ working approach between local groups for broader work remits. A careers portal is to be launched in April 2019.  It was also recognised that some young people would benefit from more apprenticeship style education instead of an academic route.


Ms Perry was thanked for her excellent presentation.



By invitation, Mr V Wan of Central Bedfordshire Council will attend the meeting to provide information in respect of school places


By invitation, Mr V Wan of Central Bedfordshire Council attended the meeting to provide information in respect of school places.


With the potential housing growth within the town consultations would be taking place with schools in terms of additional school places needed.  There would be a deficit in the number of places available in the middle and upper school systems once the Eastern development had been completed.


Discussions would be starting within the next few months regarding the three-tier changing to a two tier system with assessment of site facilities to ascertain whether new schools would need to be built and where they should be located. 


Concerns were raised about the need for parents to know there are schools of a good standard available for their children to attend when they progress to senior age school. Also, that there would be enough senior schools locally in the future.  


Mr Wan was thanked for attending the meeting.


RESOLVED to note the information.



By invitation, Mr D Swain of ARRIVA bus company will attend the meeting to provide information in respect of changes to bus services.


By invitation, Mr D Swain, Mr T O’Sullivan and Mr G Grundy attended the

meeting to provide information in respect of the change in bus services

in and around Leighton Buzzard.


The Committee received an update regarding the extension of the D1 bus route from Sandhills/Astral area into the town and railway station and the possibility of future routes D2 and D3 once the Eastern extension had been completed.  It was suggested a timeframe be made and publicised widely for families moving into the new development to encourage bus use to lessen congestion at peak times within the town. 


A question was raised regarding the F70, F77 and the change in route as there was no direct service to Luton and Dunstable Hospital and also whether an earlier bus could be arranged for the 32 route into Leighton Buzzard.    Councillor A Dodwell would approach the Transport Team and it was suggested a letter be written to the Transport team from this Committee to request amendments to the above services.


RESOLVED to note the information.



To receive verbal updates, if appropriate, from LB First and LB Connect.


The Committee received a brief update from LB First informing members that residents would be asked to submit nominations for the switch-on of the Christmas Lights on the 30 November.  A question was raised regarding the parking strategy and whether data had been gathered on revenue and car park use. Sarah Hughes confirmed the data would be included in the Central Bedfordshire update at the next meeting. 


Members also confirmed that on completion of the retail park the S106 money set aside for town centre enhancement would be used only for this purpose.


RESOLVED to note the information.



To receive a report from the Community Forum steering group on the recent event which took place on 5 May 2018.


The Committee was advised that the feedback questionnaires received after the community forum event at the library in May had been analysed and members felt the results should be shared with members of the public via social media and the press. This would ensure the public recognise the event is not just an exercise and their concerns would be addressed. Actions undertaken because of feedback should be included in communications.


RESOLVED to note the information




To consider two applications for funding.

Additional documents:


Two applications were received for funding one from Leighton Buzzard Hockey Club for £18,025 towards costs to dismantle and move a new club house facility to Vandyke School and the other from Leighton-Linslade Town Council who required £30,000 for refurbishment of a kitchen facility at a Community hall.  The Committee agreed the applications fit the criteria for S106 funding and would make a substantial contribution to facilities within the town.


RESOLVED that £18,000 be given to Leighton Buzzard Hockey Club and £30,000 to Leighton-Linslade Town Council.



To receive verbal updates:


(a)       Joint Committee Review

(b)       Enabling Delivery in L-L (Land South of the High Street)

(c)        Taxis

(d)       Antisocial behaviour & Homelessness

(e)       Market Town Regeneration Fund (MTRF & HSIS)


(a)       Joint Committee Review – a new date would be arranged for this review to consider a single set of Terms of Reference. 


(b)       A question was raised regarding the land south of the High Street.  As this land would not imminently be used for building could it be used to provide a short-term solution to parking problems within the town.  This land is a prime site within the town and need to ensure it is continuously given high priority with Central Bedfordshire Council.


(c)        Taxis - Discussion still on-going regarding the new location of the taxis in the High Street.  Enforcement of illegal parking should be reported by taking photographs (include the Taxi licence number) and forwarding to Enforcement Officers at Central Bedfordshire Council. It was confirmed that enforcement activity had been targeted to this issue.


(d)       Anti-social behaviour & Homelessness – no place had been identified.


(e)       Market Town Regeneration Fund – the three electronic signs had still not been installed and it was felt the delay was unacceptable.  The Town Clerk would be writing a letter at the request of the Cultural and Economic Committee and the Partnership Committee requested to be included in the letter.


            RESOLVED to note the information.



To receive and consider the Committee objectives and work plan for 2018 – 2019 (attached)


The Committee received and gave consideration to the objectives and work plan for the municipal year 2018-2019. 


RESOLVED to note the report.



To receive six-month financial accounts budget report


The Committee received a brief report regarding the current year budget to date.


RESOLVED to note the report.