Agenda and draft minutes

Market Sub Committee - Thursday, 23rd February, 2023 10.30 am

Venue: The Council Chamber, The White House, Hockliffe Street, Leighton Buzzard, Beds, LU7 1HD

Contact: Committee Officer  01525 631920 & Email:

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Schedule 12 of the Local Government Act 1972 requires a record be kept of the Members present and that this record form part of the minutes of the meeting. Members who cannot attend a meeting should tender apologies to the Town Clerk.


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Berry, Goodchild and Bowater and from D Gibbins (NMTF Liaison Officer/Market Trader).




(i)            The Localism Act 2011 and the Code of Conduct requires Councillors to declare any pecuniary interests, other registrable interests or sensitive interests in items on the meeting agenda, which are not already included in the Register of Interests. Members may choose to declare interests already listed in the Register for clarity and transparency.


(ii)          For disclosable pecuniary interests, Members must leave the room and not participate in discussion or voting, unless a dispensation has been granted.



(iii)         For other registrable or non-registrable interests which directly relate to the financial interest of a Member, a relative or close associate, councillors may speak on the matter only if members of the public may also speak at the meeting. Thereafter, Members should leave the room and not participate in discussion or voting, unless a dispensation has been granted.


(iv)         The Council/Committee/Sub-Committee is asked to consider approving any requests for dispensations to speak/vote on any agenda item in accordance with the Dispensations Procedure.




No declarations were made and no dispensations were requested.



QUESTIONS FROM THE PUBLIC (3 minutes per person; maximum 15 minutes)

To receive questions and statements from members of the public in respect of any item of business included in the agenda, as provided for in Standing Order No.s 3(e)(f)(g) and 3(h).




(a) To receive and approve as a correct record the minutes of the Market Sub-

     Committee meeting held on 10 November 2022 (attached).


(b) To receive information updates on matters arising from the previous meeting (if appropriate).



(a)   The Sub-Committee received the draft minutes of the previous meeting, held on 10 November 2022 for consideration.


RESOLVED that the minutes of the Markets Sub-Committee meeting held on 10 November 2022 be approved as a correct record and were signed accordingly.


(b)    Item reference 94/MK (12 Month Annual Review): it was confirmed that some visits to other markets had taken place but it was felt that further visits would be best scheduled for the Spring/Summer when weather and trader attendance was higher.


A question was raised regarding a possible change of day for the Market Sub Committee meetings, especially the November meeting, to enable the Market Representative to attend and it not clash with his work commitments.   





To receive a report and consider the recommendations therein (attached)

Additional documents:


The Sub-Committee received a general market update report and appendix for consideration.  This included updates on delivery of activity, pitch usage, social media communications, planned visiting markets and general updates.


The problem of overnight parking in the High Street preventing traders from using their usual stall location was discussed and it was confirmed a meeting had been held with CBC Highways and Parking Enforcement, representatives from the Swan Hotel and Councillor Harvey.  The Swan Hotel agreed to add a small note with every key given to customers warning about parking on the High Street and the closure on market days and signs had been given to the hotel to be put up in the rooms and around the building.  An outcome from this meeting was awaited from Highways and Parking Enforcement.   Councillor Harvey would chase this up with Central Bedfordshire Council.


The Sub-Committee agreed that a push to promote local produce should be made via social media including photographs of the farms and their produce enabling customers to ‘know where their food came from’. 


A market would be held on Coronation Day and the traders given the option of trading or not without charge.  More details on this market would follow once finalised.


A suggestion was made to acknowledge the retirement of Turners Nurseries from the market after over 40 years trading.  The Market Manager would discuss with the Chair of the Sub-Committee on how to take this forward.


Three Officers attended the NABMA Conference in January and compared to elsewhere, Leighton Buzzard market was doing well managing to recruit new traders which provided a varied range of products for customers. 


The Young Traders National Competition begins in the Spring with the date for the local heat being Tuesday 16 May 2023.  As the young traders were effectively acting as ambassadors for the market and generating positive publicity, it was suggested that they receive repayment of reasonable travel costs incurred for participating in the campaign. Members agreed and it was proposed to take this to the Cultural & Economic Services Committee for approval.


RESOLVED to note the report.


RECOMMENDED to the Cultural and Economic Services Committee to endorse that reasonable travel expenses incurred by participants in the Young Traders National Competition be reimbursed, in recognition of the positive publicity generated for the markets as a whole.





To receive a report detailing end of financial year 2022/23 income and expenditure and consider the recommendations therein (attached)



The Sub-Committee received a budget report which showed the market continued to perform this quarter compared to the same period last year.  Of the two market days Tuesday was the less well attended.  Officers would continue to promote this and encourage participation inviting schools to entertain and hold events during school holidays.


RESOLVED to note the report.





To receive an update report and consider the recommendations therein (attached).


The Sub Committee received a report to consider an update to the adverse weather policy to include reference to market operations during periods of extreme heat.  Two options were considered, and members agreed to recommend option 1 to Committee for approval. 


Option 1:


Red warning: close the market to all traders.  Any traders that attend will not be recognised nor will their insurance be valid thus trading illegally.  No gazebos erected or any Council equipment supplied.  No charge to traders nor loss of holiday rights.

Amber warning: give the traders the option to trade if they so wish.  Any trader not wanting to trade would not be charged and would not lose holiday rights.  Those traders attending would be charged at normal rates.  Those traders NOT attending must inform the market manager or representative by 12 noon the day before otherwise they would be charged if they did not show.  The Market Manager or representative to determine the time of early closure of the market at his/her discretion on the day if needed.


RECOMMENDED to the Cultural and Economic Services Committee to amend the adverse weather policy to include reference to market operations during periods of extreme heat as laid out in option 1 above.