Agenda item


To receive the approved Minutes of Committee meetings (attached) as follows: (see agenda items 18-23 for recommendations arising from Committees)


(a)      Partnership Committee meeting of 6 February 2020

(b)      Planning & Transport Committee meetings of   19 February, 11 March, 6 July, 22 July and 19 August 2020

(c)      Policy & Finance Committee meetings of 24 February, 20 July 2020

(d)      Grounds & Environmental Committee meeting of 2 March 2020

(e)      Cultural & Economic Committee   meeting of 9 March 2020


Council received the draft minutes of Committee meetings held from February to August 2020 with recommendations being dealt with in agenda items 18 – 23.


RESOLVED to receive the minutes of the following meetings:


(a)  Partnership Meeting 6 February 2020

Minute reference 44/LLP Enabling Delivery in Leighton-Linslade (Land South of the High Street and Westlands Care Home) – questions were raised as to whether the results of the drop-in session had been analysed and could they be presented to Committee.  Also whether the public day care provision consultation had taken place and if so could the results come back to Committee. The Chair of Partnership would contact Central Bedfordshire Council to confirm this.


(b)          Planning and Transport Committee meetings of 19 February, 11 March, 6 July, 22 July and 19 August.

Minute reference 87/P (19 February) Transport Matters – a question was raised regarding Central Bedfordshire policy on electric car charging points. It was confirmed that no response had been received from the local authority but the request would be re-sent.


Minute reference 93/P (11 March) Planning Applications – an error was found as the same planning application was listed in two resolutions. This would be checked and corrected.


Planning & Transport Committee 6 July 2020 – Councillor Goodchild to be added to list of attendees.


(c)          Policy and Finance Committee meetings of 24 February and 20 July 2020.

Minute reference 110/PF (24 February) Committee Objectives and Work Plan – Councillor Goodchild repeated his earlier request for a staffing structure and report. This would be brought to the relevant committee at a future date.


Minute reference 126/PF (20 July) Annual Governance Statement – a question was raised whether the survey had been undertaken with elected members. This was anticipated to be done during the Autumn.


(d)  Grounds & Environmental Services Committee of 2 March 2020.


(e)  Cultural & Economic Services Committee of 9 March 2020.

Minute reference 50/CE Standing Items – General Updates – a request was made to bring Pigeon Management to the December Committee meeting.



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