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To consider Planning Applications received (attached). An updated list will be issued on Friday 7June 2019 (if applicable).


The Committee reviewed applications received up until 7 June 2019.


The Committee gave careful consideration to planning application reference CB/19/01241 (7-9 Church Square). The application was briefly introduced by officers and included a reminder of the 2012 Central Bedfordshire Development Brief for land south of the High Street.


A number of views were expressed by members of the Committee. Although it was noted that the application was progress for land south of the High Street after a disappointing delay for a number of years, nevertheless the application itself was felt to be unsuitable for the parcel of land in question and possibly detrimental to the future development of the remainder of the site.


Members agreed that the proposed design was modern and utilitarian, which was out of keeping with the location in the heart of the historic conservation area and would present a jarring appearance. It was agreed that the noise impact assessment should have been done at a more suitable time, i.e. a summer weekday/evening rather than a winter weekend, and at third storey height rather than ground level.


In terms of the whole site of land south of the High Street, access and permeability were felt to be of crucial importance and that without a clear plan for the entire site, this application might curtail future development. Car parking was felt to be inadequate as despite the town centre location, the fact was that most households required two incomes and two vehicles. In addition, it appeared that no consideration had been given to parking for users of the commercial and other non-residential space.


Concerns were also expressed regarding the developer’s assertion that inclusion of social housing would make the development unviable, as well as the suggestion that no further archaeological investigation was needed, despite the advice of the Central Bedfordshire archaeology team and the fact that it was understood that the site had been in use for many centuries.


The Committee was given examples of other towns in which leisure uses had proven beneficial for regeneration of town centres but that it was crucial that the strategy for the whole site of land south of the High Street be considered, to ensure that the objectives of the 2012 development brief could be met.


Finally, the potential risk to important town centre businesses was felt to be unacceptable. It was agreed that if the planning authority was minded to approve the application, a deed of easement should be requested to protect businesses from the potential impact of any future noise complaints from residents.


It was proposed and seconded that the Committee recommend objection to the application for the reasons discussed. On being put to the vote, the motion was carried unanimously.


RESOLVED to recommend to Central Bedfordshire Council that objection be made to planning application reference CB/19/01241 (land at 7-9 Church Square) on the following grounds:


i)          That the application would not adequately support the role that the town centre plays at the heart of the local community, as stated in the National Planning Policy Framework.

ii)         That the proposed design and appearance of the development, at the heart of the town’s historic conservation area, would be out of keeping with the immediate locality and not in sympathy with the local character and history of the surrounding built environment (as stated in the National Planning Policy Framework para 127c).

iii)        That the potential for future noise complaints represented an unacceptable risk to longstanding town centre businesses and that although noise mitigation measures had been proposed, the noise impact assessment was felt to be unrealistic due to having been undertaken in the winter and that residential development was essentially unsuitable for the location (National Planning Policy Framework para 182). Should the planning authority be minded to approve the application then the Town Council would request consideration be given to a deed of easement to protect local businesses.

iv)        That the application appeared to represent risk to the potential future development of the rest of the land south of the High Street, due to lack of consideration of adequate traffic flow and permeability throughout the site as a whole. The Town Council felt strongly that the site as a whole must be given consideration and a clear strategy in accordance with the 2012 Development Brief.

v)         That the proposed car parking provision was felt to be inadquate for both intended residents of the development and users of the proposed commercial space, in an area in which car parking was already a recognised problem, due not only to its town centre location but also proximity to two schools, All Saints Church and Parson’s Close Recreation Ground.

vi)        That provision should be included for affordable housing in line with policy.

vii)       That further consideration should be given to the recommendation made by the Central Bedfordshire archaeological advisor regarding a trial trench, given that site was understood to have housed the stonemasons working on All Saints Church in the thirteenth century.

viii)      That the proposed vehicular access onto Church Square was too narrow.


RESOLVED to recommend to Central Bedfordshire Council that no objection be made to the following planning applications:


1.         CB/19/01237                        42 BROOKSIDE WALK

2.         CB/19/01377                        COLLEC DEPOT BILLINGTON ROAD

3.         CB/19/01271                        29 CHESTNUT HILL, LINSLADE

4.         CB/19/00828                        KWEE BECK, BOSSINGTON LANE,


5.         CB/19/01439                        22 HEATH PARK DRIVE

6.         CB/19/01440                        65 GRANGE CLOSE, LINSLADE

7.         CB/19/01432                        94 CAMBERTON ROAD, LINSLADE

8.         CB/19/01434                        32 HOCKLIFFE STREET

9.         CB/19/01321                        11 GARDEN HEDGE

10.       CB/19/01085                        56 NEW ROAD, LINSLADE

11.       CB/19/01477                        80 RUSSELL WAY

12.       CB/19/01307                        18 ROSEBERRY AVENUE, LINSLADE

13.       CB/19/01429                        22 HEATH PARK DRIVE

14.       CB/19/01489/ADV               THE GLOBE INN, LINSLADE

15.       CB/19/01516                        93 HOCKLIFFE ROAD

16.       CB/19/01460                        101 STANBRIDGE ROAD

17.       CB/19/01354                        4 ERIBOLL CLOSE, LINSLADE

18.       CB/19/00977/ADV               CAFÉ IN THE PARK, GROVE ROAD


RESOLVED to note the following works to trees:


1.         CB/TRE/19/00173               11 TAYLORS RIDE

2.         CB/TCA/19/00202               2 SOUTHCOTT VILLAGE, LINSLADE

3.         CB/TCA/19/00210               8 SOUTHCOTT VILLAGE, LINSLADE

4.         CB/TCA/19/00227               8 MARKET SQUARE


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